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Does Your Team Matter? Spoiler Alert, They Better.

In some cases you have spent decades building your practice or program. You went to school. You dedicated time, money and resources to create a model to help your core audience. As your business grew, you hired people. Operations, front desk, admissions and therapists. These people are part of your extended work family.

They also have dedicated years to become the best they can at their craft.

They support your business.

They support clients.

They support vendors.

They support each other..

All of us have talents, likes and things we do outside of work. Some climb mountains, some spend time with family, some like to coach sports. Each of these unique experiences is what makes us special. It's also how we connect with others. If business was a dating site, would you showcase your best aspects and attributes or would you simply leave the page blank in hopes of your perfect match?

You would add all of the amazing things that makes you unique and a good match for someone looking for the perfect suitor, Business is no different. An easy way to attract the right person is by showcasing your team as the greater whole of your business. The best delivery method for these highlight reels is video across your website, social media and in your marketing efforts. With a little time and ingenuity, there is no reason you can't produce these yourself.

What you need:

Someone to Film

Camera or Smart Phone with a Camera

List of Questions

Editing Software

Royalty Free Music

Someone to Film: When looking for a subject to film, think of someone on your team that has a story. Someone who is interesting, fun or you think would showcase well on camera.

TIP: Choose multiple positions in your company to showcase. Choose various roles and team members doing different types of tasks. This shows a more holistic view of your company and gives prospects or future clients a deeper view into your business.

Camera or Smart Phone with a Camera: People want this aspect to be perfect. We get caught up on the gear and that ends up being a road block to starting. Almost all smart phones are shooting in 4K right now. When I started it was an old VHS camcorder. You needed a strong back to simply lift the camera. Today it is way easier to point, click and record.

TIP: If you are going to invest in anything, look at a tripod and external mic. You can always fix bad visuals, you can't fix bad audio.

(Check to see if this works with your phone and what if any adapters are needed)

List of Questions: I like to ask 4-5 questions that will drive the conversation and are set up in a way that help me maximize the time it takes to edit. Some samples

  • How long have you need in this industry?

  • Why did you choose this industry to work in?

  • What is one lesson you have learned while working here?

  • What do you think makes our company different from others?

  • If someone was looking for help, would you recommend our products or services? If so why?

Editing Software: There are a ton of easy to use video editing software to get you started. Mac users, you have iMovie. PC users you can use OpenShot or Blender. There are also a ton of free mobile apps that you can use. Search on your device store for the top rated and downloaded for some good options.

Royalty Free Music: I added this one as a bonus. Good music is the secret weapon to creating emotion. Have you ever heard a specific song and it brought you back to that one moment in your life that just takes your breath away? Music has that power. Picking the right music for the right video will set your project apart.

Some places you can get FREE Royalty free music: Bensound or Free Music Archive

To tie all of it together I have included a few samples below. They feature different roles, hobbies and highlights of the some of the staff at STAR Guides Wilderness.

If you have any questions or would like to share what you created, please add them below in the comments, How are you using video to set yourself, your business or your team members apart?



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John Wood
John Wood
Feb 27, 2023

You made a great video about your team. That's exactly the kind of team that succeeds in business!

Please tell me, what program did you use to edit your video, is this program on this list? If so, please let me know about it.

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