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Perfection is Killing Your Business

Is the drive for perfection actually slowing you down or hindering your own professional or personal growth?

Let me explain....

I use to be a perfectionist when it came to design, video and photography.

If I was aiming for a certain look or feel I would spend hours on almost Vegas little detail.

From color grading to framing to sharpness and focus. If anything didn't fit within those categories I would restart, delete or never complete the next aspects of a project.

Even if I liked the outcomes of imperfection or the aesthetic of mystery - I was focused on perfection.

Then things changed.

I started saving projects that may have been a little imperfect. An image slightly out of focus. A moment captured on video slightly out of frame. I would go back and look at these files, finding beauty in the imperfections.

They have become some of my most favorite creative moments and outputs.

When you're so busy focusing on perfection you lose sight of the energy or feeling of the moment.

There are absolutely times for perfection. But for almost everything else - give yourself a little wiggle room to find beauty coloring outside the lines.



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