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Staff Recruiting & System Automations

The Challenge

Star Guides Wilderness was looking to increase the qualified number of applicants for a key role that was preventing the program from scaling as they needed more staff to student coverage. This gap in staffing was costing money and the ability to serve and support a backlog of student requests.


They needed to refine their current recruiting process and streamline finding the best qualified applicants.

The Solution

Our goal was to streamline the existing recruitment process while increasing the amount of viable candidates. We met with the teams involved to understand the current systems, tools and methods while working to identify areas for improvement. In doing this we created new avenues to better align the efforts between recruiting and the hiring manager. 


After understanding the need, it was off to create a series of compelling video content to showcase the diversity, energy and expectations of the position while creating excitement for the role and opportunity. It was important to make sure the messaging attracted the right candidates not only for the positions, but also for the environment and attitude of the program. 


  • Staff Highlight Video 

  • Hiring Manager Video

  • Custom Video Thumbnails 

  • Automated Email Campaign to New Applicants 

  • Connection of legacy recruiting systems, marketing and website 

We built three avenues for video distribution

  1. Marketing efforts on the website, staffing sites and social media.

  2. Email campaign targeting past applicants and inviting them to reapply.

  3. Email campaign for all those who applied. They receive an automated email series that highlights why YOU are the right choice for the best candidates.


  • In 30 days, all open positions were filled with a waiting list of qualified candidates on deck for the future positions. 

  • Expanded the ability for the program to take on more paying clients. 

About Star Guides Wilderness

Star Guides is a therapeutic outdoor wilderness program designed for teens focused on the diagnostic assessment and treatment of teens struggling with problematic sexual traumas and behaviors.

TherapyScout is a leader for video creation, online search, reputation management and marketing assets focused on mental and behavioral health programs and providers. 

create trust

& confidence

Attracting the right applicants for your team is crucial to growth and the long term success of your program or practice. How are you standing out as the right opportunity for the right candidate? 


We would love to help share best practices or design a process to help in your recruiting efforts. 

We are not recruiters, we just know how to get the message to the right candidates so they can choose you as the employer of choice. 

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