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Case Study

White Ribbon Week

( a new website to show how awesome White Ribbon Week is )

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Website Build & Branding

The Challenge

White Ribbon Week was looking to update the look and feel of it's current website to reflect industry and market changes that better reflect the business model today. There were also some security concerns they faced based on the legacy website platform. They were in need of a new website for desktop and mobile users while embracing a new aesthetic. 

The Solution

TherapyScout created a custom desktop and mobile optimized website designed for performance, speed, security and organic search.

Services Provided

  • Design & blueprint strategy

  • Creative copy and messaging

  • Media analytics and executive performance dashboard

  • Full site SEO audits

  • Website design & support native for both desktop and mobile platforms


  • Organic traffic to the website increased by 500% in 30 days

White Ribbon Week

White Ribbon Week consists of 5 fun-filled days at school to help students think carefully about their online choices.  White Ribbon Week addresses many issues including online safety, cyberbullying, indecent media, screen time and emotional wellness. 

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Website design & support

Client: White Ribbon Week

Clients Website:

Do you need a website that actually provides results?

We would love to help you in that journey.

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TherapyScout is a leader for video creation, online search, reputation management and marketing assets focused on mental and behavioral health programs and providers. 

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