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White River Academy

( a new website, testimonial videos and a virtual tour for families looking for help with their teenage sons. )

Website, Reputation Management, Testimonial Videos & A Virtual Tour Project

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The Challenges

White River Academy was in need of a long term partner to collaborate on a series of assets & tools centered around improving their parent and student experience online.  They were looking for a way to better tell the story of past students while also increasing traffic to the website. At the center of it all was a new look and feel for the website, updated branding and new messaging.  As the pandemic hit, White River could no longer have prospective parents come tour the facility. They needed a virtual way for people interested in the program to see and experience the campus. 

The Solution

TherapyScout created a custom desktop and mobile optimized website designed for performance, speed, security and organic search. Once the site was completed a series of testimonial videos were created and featured as a highlight to the program. As this project was coming to a close, COVID was introduced to the mix. Parents could no longer come onsite to tour the facility. We created an interactive virtual tour video that parents could watch to see the campus and program in action! 

Services Provided

  • Design & blueprint strategy

  • Creative copy and messaging

  • Media analytics and executive performance dashboard

  • Full site SEO audits

  • Website design & support native for both desktop and mobile platforms

  • Video Testimonial Creation

  • Interactive Tour Video with Animation 


  • Organic traffic to the website increased by 237% and has held for over 12+ months

  • Increase in web search & views by 187%

  • Improved online reviews by 433%

  • Increased the average review from 1.2. to 4.8 stars

  • Created a new Youtube channel adding 9 new testimonial videos 

  • Client has saved over $32,988 a year in web, marketing and search services

White River Academy

White River Academy is a leading therapeutic boarding school for adolescent boys ages 12 to 18.  They have a highly experienced team of therapists and staff members who partner with families to help their sons heal through a wide range of trauma, compulsions or addictions.

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Website design & support

Testimonial Video Series

Virtual Tour Interactive Video

Client: White River Academy

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