Hemisphere new account set up

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WordPress Access

As we set up your new Hemisphere service, part of that aspect is connecting custom code directly to your website. If you are reading this, that means your website was built on WordPress. Security is a big deal and very important to us here at TherapyScout. In order to securely grant our team access we have put together the following instructions to make it easy and comprehensive. 

Let's Get Started!

  1. Log in to your admin dashboard
    Go to your website domain - (you need to replace ‘‘ with your own website name). 

  2. Log in using your administrator account. If you don’t have an admin login yourself, contact the person who set up your website.

  3. Add a new user
    Once logged in, go to ‘Users‘ –> ‘Add new‘ in the sidebar menu.

  4. Create a username for TherapyScout
    Enter the new username as ‘TherapyScout‘ Once set, the username cannot be changed.

  5. Enter the following email address - Please use

  6. Important! Check the Checkbox
    Make sure ‘Send user notification‘ is checked. Otherwise, we won't know delegation has been made and that we have access to your site. 

  7. Important! Grant admin access
    In the ‘Role‘ dropdown menu, be sure to change the role to ‘Administrator‘. Our team can’t do what we need to do without an admin account.

  8. Create the new user account
    Hit ‘Add new user‘. We will then get an email about having account access and will be able to securely set our own password.

  9. We are LIVE!
    You’ve just granted TherapyScout administrator access to your site without having to insecurely email your login details. This approach also carries the considerable benefit that you can revoke access to your site at any time by simply removing the account you just created. 

If you get stuck or have any questions, you can message our team direct at for help.