• Kolby Kolibas

The Power of Connection

Gateway Freedom Ranch is a Christian Boarding School that works together with parents to help girls age 9-13 who face academic, behavioral, and emotional challenges. They integrate wild mustangs into part of their equine program specific to helping these young girls learn the importance of connection in a therapeutic model.

We had the pleasure of spending 4 days onsite for a very important Parent Workshop. We joined Mustang expert Byron Hogan and Gateway as they worked with a group of parents in attendance.

They asked us to help create a video series to highlight the importance and impact the equine aspect is for long term healing, therapy and growth for not only the girls, but the impact for families as a whole.

From the original concept through to the final edits - we created a process and final video series to showcase the amazing work being done with these mustangs.

We each have a voice and sharing that voice has the opportunity to impact so many others. How are you telling your story to those who are looking for your help? If you are interested in learning how to leverage video that showcases your staff, services or specialty, we would love to speak with you.


The TherapyScout Team

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