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What People Are Saying About TherapyScout

Our clients are like family to us. It goes deeper than a simple business relationship. We are partnered with each person we work with in solving a major problem. Our goal is to collectively help those in crisis find the help they need from the experts who can be there when it counts. We don't take that responsibility lightly. We think the people we do work with are pretty amazing. We think they like us as well. But don't take our word for it, let them tell you directly.

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Matt Bulkley, LCSW

Executive Director | Psychotherapist

STAR Guides Wilderness & Therapy Associates

"TherapyScout has been a key part of our success and growth over the past few years.."

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Koby Taylor, PharmD

President, Fusion Pharmacy

"We have absolutely loved what Therapy Scout has done for Fusion’s visibility and website traffic.."


Deanna Lambson


“Digital services provided by TherapyScout have not only given a boost for my nonprofit, but they have been life savers!"

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“Kolby and the Therapy Scout team are fantastic! Kolby's creative genius has been instrumental in helping us to market our specific niche and has been a key part of our success and growth over the past few years.  We can come to Kolby with an idea and he helps us develop a concrete marketable strategy.”

Matt Bulkley, LCSW

Executive Director

STAR Guides Wilderness &

Therapy Associates 

“Digital services provided by TherapyScout have not only given a boost for my nonprofit, but have been life savers! Honestly, we “leveled up” when we began working with them. We knew we had valuable resources for schools but needed a way to communicate it to customers and build a community. I had no idea how to do that. Whatever my need has been, I can call Kolby and he has a solution and gets it done—whether it’s a customized landing page or fixing security issues. 


He really took the time to understand who we are and what our messaging should be. When a friend recommended Kolby and TherapyScout to me, she said, “Trust me… These guys can do ANYTHING!” I wholeheartedly agree. So glad to have them on my team!”


Deanna Lambson


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“Kolby and his professional expertise solved our immediate and long term needs as we reconfigured our ministry which included assisting us developing a new website, pointing us to the proper learning management system, and- by his intuitiveness- knew exactly what we needed before we even knew what we needed! Kolby provides excellent service with professionalism- a rare commodity in today’s fast marketplace.”

Dana Yentzer

Founder and Director

Ministry Resources International

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Client Testimonials
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“White River has been using TherapyScout's services now for a couple of years. Kolby is a delight to work with. He is very responsive to our requests for updates to our website, goggle reviews, creation of video content or to just discuss new and exciting ideas to further our networking needs. Kolby is not just another guy out doing web development he is concerned about the families we serve. He understands many nuances of business development and is not afraid to put in the suggestions and work that is required to maintain or obtain a virtual presence.


Kolby and the staff at TherapyScout have not just put in the development work for a web presence for White River but have taken the time to develop meaningful relationships with our team as well. Because he has done the relationship work with us he better understands our needs. I highly recommend TherapyScout as a cutting edge company who understands what the adolescent treatment industry needs. Many thanks to the team at TherapyScout. Keep up the great work.”


Justin Nielson

Program Director, White River Academy

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“We have absolutely loved what TherapyScout has done for Fusion’s visibility and website traffic. We have hired several website design companies, SEO marketing “experts”, and spent countless dollars on Facebook and Google ads.  None of these marketing strategies have ever really delivered much success or even come close to the rise in traffic and customer engagement that we have seen with the optimization that TherapyScout’s team has provided. We are more than ecstatic about our experience thus far and are excited to see the full benefits of this working relationship. It has been an extreme pleasure to work with Kolby & the TherapyScout team.”


Koby Taylor, PharmD

President, Fusion Pharmacy

“I'm immensely grateful for the impactful work that Kolby and his team at TherapyScout are doing for my program. Although I believe we have an excellent program, it isn't helping others if they don't know about us. Having a background in internet marketing, when I met Kolby, I could tell he knew what he was talking about. On top of that, Kolby is personable and gets things rolling quickly. TherapyScout has generated visibility rapidly for my program at a reasonable price. This helps me keep my costs low so I can help others without having to raise my rates. Thank you Kolby and TherapyScout.”

Doug Dolan

Chief Operations Officer, Recovery in the Pines

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“Words fall short of expressing my gratitude to them and all they are doing to share our business and resources with the world. I am touched at their hard work and dedication to helping us help families. I shared the video they made for our company with my office roommate and we both cried. We are so grateful that the word is getting out about this work. There are so many families in need and so much misinformation.


With this series of testimonials along with the ones that were created prior to this recent addition, we are confident the videos and information will give families the courage and the strength to get help. What a gift! Thank you for helping and for your dedication to this work. The professionalism and personal attention to representing our work exceeded all my expectations.


They were wonderful to work with and communication is always prompt and professional. The cost was very affordable, the team friendly and fun, and the end result exceeded any standard I could have set. I couldn't ask for a better team than TherapyScout.”


Stacy Dean

Finance Manager, White River Academy

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