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The Reason People Don't See Your Business Online First

When you’re looking for information or help for something online, where do you start?

Chances are you’re one of the 3.5 billion searches a day happening on Google. 93% of all online experiences begin with typing words into a search engine. (Source: Internet Live Stats)

We turn our attention to search and begin the process.

The next question logically is directed at your business.

How do you show up when people are looking for the services your practice or program offers?

Are you at the top of the list or buried in all of the noise on the internet? How are you showing up across the online directories that Google, Alexa and Bing all pull information from?

When you have a question do you head to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok?

No you head to Google. Your ideal clients or customers are doing the same thing.

Social media marketing works. SEO works when done right. Yet if you're not even set up at the foundation correctly - you are essentially competing against yourself and missing one of the key ingredients to real success to people finding your business online.

What if I told you the secret started with making sure the information about your business was accurate, indexed and the same across the 70+ online directories that all major search engines leverage when providing results?

When your online listings are correct, consistent and updated regularly, it tells search engines that your business is legitimate and trusted. When Google, Alexa & Bing trust your business, more people will see it in the search results, creating way more visitors and traffic to your website.

When Google searches the internet, they are looking for the places where your business information is listed. It’s searching for your practice or program name, address & phone number. If that critical information is not the same, search engines don’t see you as a legitimate business.

Yet on the flip side when your business name, address and phone number is consistent across the web and on your website, search engines will see your business listing as trustworthy and official. The outcome of that is an organic boost to your rank in search results and possibly earning you a place at the top or search results without having ever spent a dime on SEO or Marketing.

Sounds like a ton of work, and honestly it is. Yet we also know that when this is done correctly - the people who need you most, will find you first.

How and where you show up online matters. When you start with fundamentals, you will find success every time.

TherapyScout maximizes how your practice or program shows up across the top 70+ online directories ensuring that you rank at the top of online searches when people are looking for the services you offer.

Our direct integrations manage all the facts about your business ensuring people find accurate information no matter where they search. We optimize how you show up on the top maps, apps, search engines, voice assistants, directories, and social networks.

  • We help you rank at the top of Google for search results specific to your practice or program.

  • We get your business to the top search results for Siri/ Alexa/ Google assistant and other voice assistants.

  • We create a standard name, address and phone number profile for you across the top 70+ online directories.

  • We locate, suppress and remove any duplicate profiles blocking you from ranking well.

  • We scan and make updates to your business profiles multiple times a day to assure consistency and continuity in real time.

It’s not enough to find and correct all your local listings. You also need to “lock” those listings to make sure they don’t change again. Online directories get their listing info from aggregators that scrape government documents and other public data sources. This info is often wrong and outdated, but it could be used to overwrite your listing — even after you fixed it!

Even worse, an unscrupulous competitor could claim your listing and replace your phone number with theirs. Locking your business listings is key to protecting your reputation and securing your business’ online identity.

We would be happy to run a report that shows how your business is showing up online.

Shoot me an email direct and we will help you gain visibility into ways you can measurably increase new visitors to your website.

Cheers! Kolby

Chief Encouragement Officer


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