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In 2021 we had a goal. A goal to help 1,000,000 people find help online when searching for mental & behavioral health services. How did we really plan to hit this huge milestone?

It started as a 10 year goal to be honest. Then as we started to see the huge traction at the start of last year, we knew that this may be more achievable than when ever dreamed of. By the middle of the year we were already at 450,000 impressions across Google, Bing, Facebook and 101 data / business listing sites.

The thing is, we don't offer professional services to people as a medical professional. Our clients do.. Our goal is to make sure they experts show up top of online search when people need them most. That is our 100% focus. Getting the people that need help, to the right professionals that can help them.

It's not a job honestly, it's a calling. So when we saw 1,000,000 people was more in reach in one year, we went all in!

With your help we hit that goal! In 2021 we helped 1,028,905 people find an expert while in crisis.

It gives me the chills to type and re-read that phrase. When we started this journey, we built a service around helping others. It is the core building block of all that we do. Measuring the results only helps put into perspective how important this mission at TherapyScout really is.

Our goal for 2022 is to help 5 million people do the same thing. I know we can hit this if we stay focused, execute and grow the team. People need help now more than ever before. It's the calling that leaves me excited to start and end every single day.

If you are a medical provider, a facility, program or expert who offers services in mental and behavioral health, we want to help people in crisis find your services.

How can we be of service to you in 2022?

Thank you for your support as we head into the new year.


Kolby & Team TherapyScout

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