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What Hundreds of Families Have Taught Me About Hope

Over the past 3 years we have interviewed, filmed and edited hundreds of hours of footage.

Not just any footage.

They are the stories of survival, pain, loss, heartache and hope. There have been tears, laughter, and more tears from stories that I will remember for a lifetime.

My wife has been on set. Our sons have been on set. Our daughters have been on set.

With phrases like..

"I felt hopeless…." "I had no idea there was help…" "We felt lost as a family…" "We can’t be the only ones…"

These words wrapped around the stories of families who have all had kids that had experienced heavy traumas that have impacted the entire family unit. In some cases trauma as far back as in utero.

Yet the catalyst of every single person we have spoken to comes at the end of our time together. It’s directly tied to the fact that they never gave up. These families found help. The sons, daughters and families were all allowed the opportunity to leverage the right tools and heal.

To the single mother, working multiple jobs to make sure her children are taken care of… To the family who has spent every dollar on treatment… To those who have adopted children… To the family who has been together for decades and are still together…

You are not alone. You are doing an amazing job & you are loved.

Today served as another reminder of the fact that this isn’t a job. I align myself for a higher calling and try my best to get out of the way allowing Gods grace to hold me high.

We have a goal this year of helping 1 million people get the help they need for mental, behavioral and medical needs. As of now we are close 550,000.

We don’t offer those services direct, we get them to the experts who do. Telling these stories along the way just happens to be an avenue of connecting people who feel lost or alone to those who can provide the help so desperately needed.

I don't take that responsibility lightly.

Cheers, Kolby

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