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A Free Tool To Help You Jump To The Head of The Line

It's Not Your Fault That Google Doesn't See Your Program or Practice

With families in close quarters, people working from home and people not able to leave their houses based on quarantine, you can bet one thing - tensions are higher than ever! With all of the social changes happening around us, how are you staying in front of communicating with your current and future clients?

Did you know that over 72% of mental and behavioral health programs and professionals are not set up online correctly?

This means a ton of people who are looking for services you offer - can’t find you! To help you take control of how people find your practice or program, we're offering our Weekly Report Tool for FREE through June 30, 2020.

For a limited time you get free access to our website performance report tool to see how Google and the top search engines and online directories rank your practice or program. We hope this free tool will help you gain some visibility and get you started down the path to showing up on the first page of all Google searches! Click here to get started for free. Respectfully. Kolby and Team


TherapyScout is a leading creative and marketing agency for Behavioral and Mental Health Professionals.

We help programs and practices reach the top of search results while proactively gaining positive reviews that turn into higher student placements. We do this through custom web marketing tools developed specific for Mental and Behavioral Health Programs and Professionals.

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