How can fishing for compliments actually grow your program or practice?

A step by step guide with examples, templates and case studies.

You've spent months in some cases years fostering the relationship, overcoming objections and converting people who interested in your program or practice into paying clients. Once they are on board you continue to follow up and to assure that you are meeting the commitments you made and all parties are happy with the decision.

Then something weird happens.

We switch gears and go back into prospecting mode always looking for the next client.

We spend time, money and efforts to attract new opportunities while we may be overlooking one of the most powerful tools for getting a new people to engage with us.

Let me ask it a different way.

Why do people choose one program or practice over another?

Is it the services you offer?

Is it your certification?

Is it the people who work for you?

Is it the price?

The answer is yes, all of the above. But there is something more. It happens in the research phase of the buying cycle. Before your phone rings, or an email is sent - research has been done, That can be days, hours, months or even years depending on the need and size of investment.

When people are doing research, how does your program or practice show up?

What do the Google Reviews say? What bad or positive online listings are front and center? What are other families sharing about the experience they had with your program or practice?

You need to know the answers to these questions well before you launch your next marketing, email, social media or call campaign.

By the time people are picking up the phone to call you, they are more than likely in crisis mode. They have done research and need help right away. When people make a choice to use your services, they want to know that you have the experience and a proven track record. They want to know they will get the results your website or admissions team promise.

How can you effectively answer these questions in a way that makes your program or practice stand out as the clear choice when people are doing research? I am going to outline a plan that you can implement today that can be used to improve your position across online search while giving others doing research answers to the questions they ask prior to ever picking up the phone.

The answer is in the first paragraph of this post.

The current people you support today are your secret weapon. One of the most overlooked opportunities I see today is directly associated with Testimonial Selling. In more cases than not, your clients want to tell their story. They were once experiencing a massive challenge, and now they have relief in knowing your solution brought them the help they so desperately needed.

So let’s give them the opportunity to tell that story!

To put this into perspective:

  • 90% of people used the internet to find a local business in the last year, with 33% looking every day

  • 82% of people read online reviews for local businesses, with 52% of 30-54-year-olds saying they ‘always’ read reviews

  • The average person reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business

  • Only 53% of people would consider using a business with less than 4 stars

  • The average person spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews before making a decision

  • Among people that read reviews, 97% read businesses’ responses to reviews


Let’s dive into the specifics. There is a chance you already have testimonials in your digital footprint that can be used right now.

ACTION: Go through your Facebook, YouTube Comments, LinkedIn Recommendations & Local Search Directories for positive comments left on your business. You can take those directly and integrate them into your marketing and website. Cut and paste them into a file as text or screen save them and add them as images.

Where to add testimonials?

The short answer is anywhere someone is trying to schedule time for a consultation or to learn more about your program or services. Your admissions page is a great place to include testimonials as well.


  • On your schedule a consultation page

  • Admissions page

  • On your contact us page

  • On the about us page

The next step would be to pro actively solicit reviews and testimonials from your current client base. The below outline will help you streamline the process.


  1. Create a list of your top and favorite clients.

  2. Develop your messaging for request.

  3. Email or call your clients to explain what you are doing and how they can help.

  4. Follow up within a week after request to keep it top of mind.

  5. Gather testimonials

  6. Post them on your website, social media, emails newsletter ETC.

  7. Do this quarterly with new sets of clients each time.

Your clients once had a problem they needed to solve prior to working with you. Those problems are now a thing of the past as they have you as a trusted partner. They will know that feeling of struggle. Your goal is to find people that currently have that same pain points, yet don’t have the help and support that your company offers. You need your clients help to find these people - their story is part of the foundation needed to achieve this goal.


Subject: I need your help.


Hey (insert name),

I have a quick favor to ask.

Would you be willing to write a brief testimonial on our time working together?

We are putting together testimonials to help others in need of the services we offer.

I’m not looking for a novel or something super detailed. Just a few sentences describing your experience with us. Prospective families don’t care so much about what I say about our program, but they do care what the families we have helped have to say.

Some things that really stand out in other testimonials follow an outline like this:

  • How did you first find our program?

  • Tell me more about the concerns that brought to looking for help.

  • How were things impacting you or your family personally?

  • What changes or improvements have you seen working with our program?

  • Would you recommend us to someone searching for help?

  • If so, what would you say?

All you have to do is simply reply to this email with your testimonial. It would mean the world if you are able to do this in the next few days if possible.

Thank you so much,

{Your Name & Contact}

When getting testimonials be sure to gather the following:

  • Name of Person - In many cases you may only want to use the first name or initials

  • Make it compelling

  • Make it easy for them to do


Another avenue that I like to leverage is video. So I would do the same as above, yet instead of a request for email or text - I would ask if we could do a quick 10 minute video interview. You ask the same questions and allow time for the client to respond. Record the videos and with a few quick edits - you now have video social proof!

FYI video ads and messages rank higher than any other way of sharing content across most social and search platforms.

Also if you have live events or gatherings where people will be, set up time to do this live and in person. That simple script is the outline. All you need is to get the camera, sound and editing locked in.


  • Keep it concise (under 10 minutes per client)

  • Respect the person's time

  • You want to tell a story for prospects and people researching your services


  • How did you first find our program?

  • Tell me more about the concerns that brought to looking for help.

  • How were things impacting you or your family personally?

  • What changes or improvements have you seen working with our program?

  • Would you recommend us to someone searching for help?

  • If so, what would you say?


We recently did this exact outline for a program based in Montana. The results really tell a story of social proof and evidence this works in multiple ways. Instead of sharing how to do something, let me show actual results when this is done correctly.


(See the full study here:


The Challenge

With the growing need for residential services in young women growing, Reflections Academy was looking for a way to showcase the impact their program has made for new families searching for help online. To do this they needed to focus on increasing website visitors, while positively positioning Reflections as the clear program of choice.

The Solution

There is no better way to showcase the power of your company, than through the voices of those you have already helped. We traveled across Idaho and Montana as families participated in a 4 day Parent Workshop. We created a custom script for interviewing families that created a safe space for stories to be shared. Our team integrated directly into the weekend to be part of the event.

These conversations are very emotional and personal. To capture these moments on film is something we don't take lightly.


  • Animated Logo Opener

  • Testimonial Highlight Video

  • Individual Parent Testimonial Videos


  • Added 10 new 5 Star Reviews on Google

  • Increased Google Rating from 3.2 Stars to 4.6 Stars

  • Organic traffic to the Reflections website increased by 200%


By making a few adjustments, allowing your clients the opportunity to tell their story, and using the testimonials as marketing tool - you can use your current base to increase new opportunities for those looking for the services you offer.

Create Trust & Confidence

By the time people get to your website, in many cases they are doing so in times of crisis. They are looking for help and need answers relatively quickly. They are also looking for help, and to see about the services your program offers. People want to see that you have helped others that may have the same struggles.

If you have any questions would like help executing any of this, please leave a note in the comments or you can email us direct


Kolby & The Therapy Scout Team

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